Tiu Teja Waterfall, Hidden Paradise in Lombok

Tiu Teja Waterfall is one of many waterfalls in lombok island, Indonesia. It is located at santong village, north lombok regency. It is about two hours trip from mataram. The Waterfall location is hidden in the middle of the forest. So you’ll need to take a walk to the location from the gate of waterfall […]

Lombok Waterfall Part 2 – Umar Maya

Located at Biloq Petung Village, Sembalun, Lombok Island – Indonesia. The blue water is so tempting,and it’s also the best waterfall spot jump so far. The height of the waterfall is only 8 meters, but we can jump from the top of waterfall in 10 meters high. Try to get it here, there will be […]

Lombok Waterfall Part 1 – Temponan Saong

Lombok is a small beauty Island in Indonesia side by side with Bali. 40% land of Lombok is dominated by highland and offcourse the highest active mountain Indonesia, Rinjani. Recording to Frank Levigne from Sorborne University, this mountain had an Super eruption in 1257, and the material throw up until antartica. So if true, it’s […]

Drift Creek Falls, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

Hi, Thankfully found your site from a blogger while planning a trip to Iceland. Figured we’d see where all you have been and if you had been to Oregon. We live in Lincoln City, Oregon and note that Drift Creek Falls (a hike at the edge of town) was not seen on your Oregon Coast […]

secret (unnamed) kauai waterfall (to the left off Waimea Canyon road, just a few miles south of the Waimea Canyon lookout itself)

I saw this small but GORGEOUS waterfall from the highway on the way to Waimea Canyon and I just had to stop. It is so picture perfect I thought it must be man made at first, and was expecting to see a house or resort or something nearby but nope, nothing. There is a pull […]

Golling Waterfall (Austria)

The lovely Golling waterfall is set amidst pine trees and plunges 75 metres in 2 drops. It is located not far from the city of Salzburg near the village of Golling an der Salzach. You have to pay to view the fall but it is not expensive. From the car park it is a pleasant […]

Calculating the size of a waterfall

How do you calculate the size of a waterfall? in my opinion it should be average volume x height, which would be equivalent to power. But in these terms there seems to be no opinion on the largest falls in the world, or in UK, only the highest and widest

Ban Gioc (Detian) Waterfalls (Cao Bang Province,Vietnam)

Having been to Ban Gioc, I would agree with your choice as the Number #1 Waterfall in the Region. I was fortunate enough to visit at the peak of the rainy season – September 2014 – and in full flow it is truly spectacular. To be honest the only time to visit a waterfall is […]

Quaile Falls

We visited Quaile Falls last week (31/10/2015). As you mentioned on the Champagne Falls page, it is on private land, and access is not technically allowed unless you ask permission. We didn’t know who to ask permission from, so we decided to check it out and see what happened, although we figured that if they […]

Photo from Carisbrook Falls base

It is possible to get to the base of the waterfall. Near the start of the path to the platform, there is a path to the left which ends at the creek, after that you travel along the banks on which ever side looks easier. You will have to cross the creek a few times […]

Welsh Translations

Just to say that Sgwd Clun-gwyn means the “fall of the white meadow” in Welsh and is pronounced “skood-klin-g-win” whilst Sgwd y Pannwr is the “fall of the fuller” (a fuller being a wool-washer -see wikipedia entry on ‘fulling’) thanks

Swiss Waterfalls Season

Hi, I stumbled on your interesting site by searching for some Swiss waterfalls. I hope you still update your site. I found the information in your guides very helpful. There seems to be one big mistake to me in many of them. Swiss creeks and waterfalls never dry out in summer. They dry our only […]

Montezuma Falls History

Just an update for you on Montezuma Falls Tasmania. The track below the waterfall was once a railway line used to haul ore from the Williamsford mine. Historically interesting because it operated the worlds first Garratt articulated steam locomotives. Hope that’s of interest even though your focus is the waterfalls.

Shoshone Falls Valentines Day 2015

Valentines Day of 2105 Shoshone Falls had 32,000 feet per sec running for a spectacular water showing. The falls were fierce as the water spray. Waiting for a nice clean shot with less water spray was hard to do. These two show show the falls close up. A circular polarizer was used to control the […]

Ofaerufoss in 1965

It took us a one-day, 25-mile round-trip walk to see Ofarufoss, in the days that the bridge still existed. Back at home, a picture of it published in the local press led to a part-time income which has lasted the rest of my life. Back in 1965, my first wife and I, then aged around […]

Jump Creek after the Soda fires

In July and August the Soda fires burned over 300,000 acres from Jordan valley to Marsing Idaho. One of the areas I visit as a photographer is Jump Creek Falls outside of Marsing. I thought it was spectacular that the trees survived the fires that follow the Canyon and the Fall colors show through brilliantly.

is there a country in the world where there isn’t a waterfall ?

and i don’t mean like a 4 inch drop I mean a real waterfall

Victoria falls Southern Africa

What is the least amount of water flow ever recorded going over the Victoria falls and in what year?

Virje waterfall Slovenia

The beautiful Virje waterfall is located near the hamlet of Plužna not far from Bovec . An easy circular walk can be made to view the fall and the source of the Glijun stream which feeds it. The fall is about 12m high and can be 20m in width depending on the flow of water, […]

Pools at the top of Cascade Fautaua

Duuuuude! You missed the 2 pools right at the top of the Cascade. Continue a short way past the walls of the fort and bear right. There is a steep hill that had a rope rigged when I was there (2012).Before going over the falls the stream dumps into 2 beautiful deep rock pools that […]