Top 10 Iceland Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Iceland Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in the land of fire and ice. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls…

Amazingly beautiful, best in evening sun (Seljalandsfoss)

Seljalandfoss is amazingly beautiful and best in evening sun, a little before sunset: The day tours already left for the drive back home, so you’re more or less alone. The setting sun dips the falling water spray, the cliffs and the grass into golden light. Not to mention the rainbow effects when you’re going behind […]

Seljalandsfoss in Winter

We took the trip to Iceland in December mostly to see the Northern Lights but were delighted to see so much more including the Seljalandsfoss. It’s a bit of a drive from Reykjavik but worth the trip. My daughter braved the spray and walked behind the water fall, an experience to remember. 0 Comments*Enter your […]

Iceland Road Trip Itinerary – June 19, 2007 to July 10, 2007

This trip covers the Iceland portion of a month-long Summer trip that also included a brief stopover in Western New York as well as New York City (with Julie’s cousin) after the Iceland part of the trip. I’m including the New York City part of the trip…

“Mired in the Sights of the South” (Southern Iceland – June 5, 2007 to June 7, 2007)

I was determined to try to see the falls past the short narrow slot canyon with boulders wedged above. So I took off my socks, wore my chacos, and started wading…