“Big Differences” (Escondido Falls – April 7, 2019)

Not recalling that I had to go that far up to continue the ascent, I briefly descended to where there was a familiar steep climb though it definitely lacked the vegetation that I swore was there…

Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in our own backyard. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls.

911 experience at Escondido falls

The hike is not for everyone. For all the would be hikers of the Escondido canyon/falls please be advised to wear shoes with good traction soles esp if you plan to hike to the higher tier of the falls. Only this Sunday past, it was an unfortunate site to witness a girl slip and twist […]

“El Escondido del Escondido” (Escondido Falls – April 14, 2012)

I couldn’t help but think how Mom and I missed out when we tried the scramble but didn’t quite make it three years ago. Still, Julie and I relished…

Top of the Top (Escondido Falls)

I’ve been on this hike several times. Every time we go to the bottom of the upper falls. It can be a little sketchy when using the rope to get up the hill but besides that it is very do-able. One thing I did that I noticed no one is talking about is the hike […]

Escondido Falls

This was an incredible hike! it was very crowded the day I went but it was well worth seeing the falls!! Whenever I saw pictures of the upper falls, i did not believe the true size, it looks much smaller in photos!! When we got to the lower falls, it was very fanned out with […]

CMarie (Escondido Falls)

This hike is AMAZING! I was happy going through this trail with a few friends as it was quite pretty. The road up is a long one and there were a few small stream crossings. It is dog friendly so that was nice because we had a small dog with us. We mainly hike trails […]

Escondido Falls- The Elusive Upper Falls

This hike is in Malibu and is on the website but the pictures don’t exactly show the REAL [Escondido Falls]. From the lower falls you start on a rough trail that requires some moderate climbing or scurrying up the path of steep rocks and dirt. It’s nothing to dangerous though, even borderline easy. Shortly you […]

“Spontaneous Escape” (Escondido Falls and La Jolla Canyon Falls – February 8, 2009)

It had been a very dry winter even despite some sporadic storms that showed up in November and December. But we knew January was unusually warm and was…