Roski Slap (Krka Waterfalls)

Krka National Park, Sibenik-Knin County, Croatia

About Roski Slap (Krka Waterfalls)

Hiking Distance: < 1km loop
Suggested Time: 30 minutes

Date first visited: 2010-06-03
Date last visited: 2010-06-03

Waterfall Latitude: 43.90391
Waterfall Longitude: 15.9747

Waterfall Safety and Common Sense

Roski Slap (or more accurately Roški Slap; pronounced “ROSH-skee SLAP”) was the other main waterfall attraction of Krka National Park. But unlike our impressions of Skradinski Buk, we actually thought this part of the waterfall ought to have been free. We certainly didn’t think it was worth repaying the price of admission (since we couldn’t carry over our late day ticket purchase at Skradinski Buk over to the following morning). So the moral of the story is to fit a visit to this waterfall on the same day as a visit to Skradinski Buk. Don’t do what we did and break it up into an afternoon-and-morning-after visit (unless you’re fine with paying the admission price twice).

The reason why we’re being a little harsh on this waterfall is that normally National Parks imply protection from human intervention. However, we noticed private farms in the middle of the waterfall as we drove across the top of the falls plus a fair bit of development around the falls itself. On top of all that, the falls wasn’t anywhere near as scenic as Skradinski Buk, which even had a little bit of human intervention on that, but had at least the scenic allure to overcome some of the human-induced shortcomings.

Geese swimming before Mlinovi Falls
So with all that said, we’ll describe our experience with this falls. We’ll let you be the judge as to whether it would be worth your while. Who knows? Maybe you’ll wonder what we’re being picky about after your visit here…

After parking the car, our visit consisted of two phases. First, we walked towards a boat dock on the fringes of Visovac Lake signposted for Mlinovi Falls. En route to the boat dock, there were water mills, a cafe, and even some examples of a natural laundry machine (at least that’s what Julie told me).

There were signs indicating that swimming was allowed at this part of the lake, but to be honest, the water didn’t exactly look very sanitary for a dip. At least the geese didn’t seem to mind.

The Necklace Cascades
But as for views of the falls, the boat dock provided partial views of the main waterfall plus another side cascade near the water mills. And that was pretty much all of the waterfall that we were going to experience barring some boat cruise spanning the distance between Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap with a stop at the Visovac Island and its monastery. Needless to say, we didn’t have time to exercise that boat option.

The other part of our visit here involved walking a pretty easy and flat loop around the so-called Necklace Cascades. These cascades were really nothing more than a successive series of rapids arranged and banded in such a way that they resembled necklaces. I presume that you would have to be into jewelry to make this association.

At the end of the loop walk, we walked back across the road (sharing it with cars, by the way) as we traversed the Krka River above the Roski Slap waterfalls. It was during this part of the walk that we noticed some private farms as well as a building with a Croatian flag right in the middle of the falls. These out-of-place buildings and farms were among the reasons why we didn’t think this deserved to be called a National Park.

Finally, we noticed some misleading posters showing this set of waterfalls from somewhere across the lake looking right into the full extent of the falls. From this angle, we thought it might have been worth our while to come here and get that view. I had originally thought they came from some clifftop vistas somewhere on the west side of the lake, but the employees seemed quite sure they were from the air. One guy did try to sell us the poster itself, though.

And that’s why there are none of those kind of shots (one of the main reasons why I wanted to come up here in the first place) on this page. The apparently weren’t publicly accessible (especially since I didn’t see helicopter tours to check out this waterfall or the region itself).


For general directions to the town of Skradin and Krka National Park, see the directions for Skradinski Buk.

From the town of Skradin, it’s roughly 26km to the main car park at Roski Slap. We headed west from the main part of Skradin (where the Hotel Skradinski Buk was) until it joined with a signposted road indicating that Roski Slap was further north. Then, we followed this road and the signs past a few villages until we reached a road (again signposted) that descended down the cliffs and towards the bridge traversing the top of the main Roski Slap Waterfall. And it’s on the south side of the traverse where you’ll find the typically manned car park (ensuring you’ve got a valid ticket to be there).

Approaching the vicinity of Roski Slap
It’s also possible to drive up to Roski Slap from the road paralleling the Krka River to the south from Skradin. In that instance, you wouldn’t have to drive across the top of the waterfall since the car park would be on your side.

But the thing I should mention about this approach is that, there’s a pretty cool detour that I recommend. Basically follow the Visovac sign until you see a large car park with a developed overlook opposite the road. The road ultimately descends to Lake Visovac, but you need not go that far unless you plan on taking one of the boats to the monastery. That’s because the overlook provides a lovely top down view of the reflective Visovac Lake as well as the monastery in the Visovac Island. All this is part of Krka National Park, and it’s that monastery that’s also included in the long boat tour between Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap.

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Fixated on the main Mlinovi Falls

A naturally-powered washing machine

The so-called Necklace Cascades

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