Top 10 Waterfalls of the World

The Top 10 Best Waterfalls of the World List consists of the waterfalls that Julie and I have personally visited that we consider to be our favorites. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls from around the world.

Victoria Falls: When Is The Best Time To Visit?

When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls? That is a tricky question because it really depends on what you’re looking for. For instance…

Victoria Falls: Which Side is Better?

Because a waterfall such as Victoria Falls spans two different countries, it’s natural to ask which side is better. In this case, is the Zimbabwe (or Zim) side better? Or is the Zambia (or Zam) side better?…

Victoria Falls: How To Get There?

Getting to Victoria Falls was not easy because it was pretty much on the opposite side of the world for us. In fact, we managed to visit this place as part of a larger around-the-world trip. That said, if a long trip isn’t an option…

Victoria Falls: Paid Excursions and Activities

While Julie and I were able to experience Victoria Falls by self touring the lookouts on both the Zambia and Zimbabwe side, we also took part in some paid excursions to further immerse ourselves. In this post, we’ll highlight the excursions or activities that we did to give you an idea of how we supplemented our time here.

Zambia 2003

I stayed with my friend, a retired school teacher, in Choma for 2 weeks. She had a nice two bedroom brick house. When one lives with a Zambian for two weeks, it is a good idea to give the hostess enough money to buy good food for both of us, as I couldn’t exist on […]

Devil’s Cataract and Main Falls at Peak Flow

Having never got there when in lived in South Africa, my wife and I spent a few days at the Kingdom Hotel in early May 2007 on a visit to SA from Australia. The Zambezi was at peak flow and though our viewing was restricted to Devil’s Cataract and the Main Falls it was simply […]

Victoria Was The Better Thrill

I went here in 2005. The views from both sides are breathtaking. Zambia has close ups and rainbows and you get soaked! Make sure you cover your camera with a plastic bag.!! Zimbabwe has great views of the falls in general. On the way there you go over a great bridge, here there is a […]

Victoria Falls Itinerary – May 23, 2008 to May 26, 2008

This itinerary covered part of the second major leg of our epic around-the-world tour that consisted of Eastern Australia as well as selected countries of East Africa. This was an independent self-tour…

“The Zim-Zam Shuffle” (Victoria Falls – May 23, 2008 to May 26, 2008)

Julie alerted me to a rather unusual scene in front of us. Two giant baboons were frantically running across the bridge towards us and it seemed like we were in the way…