Somersby Falls

Hi One of my favourite photo places. Yes these falls can be a drizzle when we haven’t had rain, I recommend viewing a day or two after good rain, then you’ll get to see it at its glory. Plus to reach the bottom it is a hike, not at all an easy walk for elderly, […]

Sommersby Falls

As a local to the Gosford area, I have been to these falls a few times and seen them with different amounts of water flowing through them. Off the beaten track, you can actually get to the lower falls which has a lovely overhang where you can walk in behind them as my pic will […]

Australia Sydney to Cairns Road Trip Itinerary – May 2, 2008 to May 23, 2008

This trip was the first major leg of our epic around-the-world tour that consisted of Eastern Australia as well as selected countries of East Africa. The Australia portion of the trip was a self-drive self-tour while the Africa portion…

“Bad Shortcut” (Central Coast and Northern New South Wales, Australia – May 4, 2008 to May 9, 2008)

Julie and I were nervous. Clearly darkness had fallen by now. The kangaroos and wallabies (who knows what else was out there?) seemingly conspired to jump right in front of our vehicle…