Purlingbrook Falls, Gold Coast, Australia in flood Feb 2012

I took this shot after heavy floods on the Springbrook plateau in the gold coast hinterland. The power and sound of the falls was amazing. 0 Comments*Enter your name*2 characters minimum.Do not change these fields following

Have a swim (Purling Brook Falls)

Just letting everyone know that after you walk under the falls (or just before depending which way you walked) there is an amazing swimming hole with its own little waterfall that you can jump off. There is a path the whole way and is a beautiful walk 0 Comments*Enter your name*2 characters minimum.Do not change […]

Purlingbrook Falls

I just wanted to add a shot I took of Purlingbrook Falls after recent heavy rain. Also, “Purlingbrook” is actually one word in the name of the falls, and two words (Purling Brook) in the name of the stream. I’m not sure who came up with that idea. The falls do generally flow year-round, although […]

Australia Sydney to Cairns Road Trip Itinerary – May 2, 2008 to May 23, 2008

This trip was the first major leg of our epic around-the-world tour that consisted of Eastern Australia as well as selected countries of East Africa. The Australia portion of the trip was a self-drive self-tour while the Africa portion…

“Disappointing déjà vu” (Brisbane, Whitsundays, and Central Queensland, Australia – May 10, 2008 to May 14, 2008)

Unfortunately, JC Slaughter Falls was bone dry! I knew it was a bad sign when we didn’t hear any water in the neighboring creeks. I guess it wasn’t meant to be despite there being…