Top 10 Australia Waterfalls

We had a difficult time putting together a Top 10 Best Australia Waterfalls List. Such lists tend to subject themselves to criticism because of subjectivity. Even the same waterfall could yield different experiences…

Fitzroy Falls

There is a place southwest of Sydney called Southern Highlands. In Southern Highlands there is a famous waterfall called Fitzroy Falls. Fitzroy Falls is 81 metres high. It is surrounded by a valley. The falls fall onto some rocks and form a river that flows into the valley. You can view the falls from many […]

The Fitzroy experience

Fitzroy is indeed worth a look, it’s almost up there with Ellenborough Falls. The walk along the western rim is a lovely walk and, as suggested, it has some wonderful views and you cross over another waterfall and then reach The Grotto, a small but beautiful cascade that drops into a glade. I thought I’d […]

Southeastern Australia Road Trip Itinerary – November 1, 2006 to November 30, 2006

This itinerary covers our second trip to Australia six months after our first trip. This time, however, we focused on the Southeastern part of the country spanning the states of New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory (or ACT), South Australia, and Tasmania…

“Waterfall Surprises and the Melbourne Cup” (ACT, Riverina NSW/VIC, Australia – November 7, 2006 to November 9, 2006)

As Julie and I strolled around the CBD of Canberra looking for a place to eat, we couldn’t quite figure out why so many people were dressed to impress. Complicating the scene was the menacing skies…