evercreech falls

when i went to evercreech falls it was the most amazing experience i have ever had. seeing the tallest white gum tree in the world at only the age of 10, it was quite extraordinary to see something like that. the history to these trees is quite good how des howe had saved these special […]

Southeastern Australia Road Trip Itinerary – November 1, 2006 to November 30, 2006

This itinerary covers our second trip to Australia six months after our first trip. This time, however, we focused on the Southeastern part of the country spanning the states of New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory (or ACT), South Australia, and Tasmania…

“Unforgettable Twilight Sight” (Northeast Tasmania, Australia – November 24, 2006 to November 25, 2006)

It beckoned us closer as if everyone was heading towards some spooky outdoor gathering. Of course we were curious to see what the source of the music was so we kept on walking further into the gorge..