“Technology Test Run” (Eaton Canyon Falls – March 19, 2022)

…I guess that just goes to show you just how urbanized the Eaton Canyon Falls hike has become that now I’m the outlier when I show up in proper gear…

“Peak Of The Bell Curve” (Eaton Canyon Falls – February 20, 2022)

As we went through this part of Eaton Canyon, we noticed more infrastructure that I guess we hadn’t really noticed in our past visits (which goes to show you…

Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in our own backyard. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls.

“Second Wave” (Eaton Canyon Falls – December 10, 2016)

Near the base of the Eaton Canyon Falls were some roses as well as another ledge where there was another bouquet of dried up flowers. I’m betting that these were to commemorate lost loved ones…

“Our Pink-Eyed Pea” (Eaton Canyon Falls – April 6, 2014)

…there was a bit of unusual circumstances on our way out as we heard a loud circling chopper hovering right above the canyon. It was kind of ironic that we saw some memorial dedicated to “Arturo”…

“Cooler Heads” (Eaton Canyon Falls – March 24, 2012)

it became apparent as we waited until about 9:15am that no HiPos from work were going to show up. I was a bit disappointed given how many other verbal commitments…

Only 1 of 7 or 8 (Eaton Canyon Fall)

I used to hike Eaton Canyon in the early 70’s. The falls you are showing here is only one of seven or eight. Don’t know if it’s still there but years ago there were some old wooden stairs that went 3/4 up the side of the canyon. At the top of the stairs was a […]

“The Old Reliable” (Eaton Canyon Falls – February 4, 2012)

As we got closer, it looked like someone was getting a citation. And when a cop handed a lady a slip that prompted her to say, “Oh my gosh!”…

Eaton Fall – Taller than 30 feet

Hi, I am certain that Eaton Fall is at least 50 feet based on my personal experience; and the guy who wrote “Trails of the Angeles” says it is 60 feet, I believe. Additionally, there are many more falls above Eaton Fall. (I have included two pictures of the first one above it.) There were […]

“Spreading The Love” (Eaton Canyon Falls – October 17, 2009)

There were a lot of firsts about today’s hike to Eaton Canyon Falls. It was the first time I was leading a hike with co-workers to expose them to some of the local waterfalls…

Trash and Water

We have decided to start hiking this Summer to embrace nature and give us something to do. So we purchased a book which lists several hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and such. We started our hike late which made the ordeal a little more challenging due to the hot weather. The trail takes you […]

Amazing Experience (Eaton Canyon Falls)

We took our family on a hike to see Eaton Canyon Falls in June 2009. On the hike we saw many interesting animals like a blue tailed skink lizard, frogs and a water snake. It was the most amazing feeling to swim in clear water and to stare up at this beautiful waterfall. Then to […]

Good experience, Decent Falls!!!

Eaton Canyon is pretty close to Los Angeles and is a great place to hike. It’s a very good falls with a good hike for about 1.5-2 miles ending at its base. The trail is pretty good and the small streams that you pass through while hiking leaves a pleasant feeling. A group of people […]

A Wet Day (Eaton Canyon Falls)

First, thanks for this cool website its nice to know about hidden gems in our backyard. We went on May 24th, 2008 and had the pleasure of seeing a running stream all the way to Eaton Canyon Falls which were flowing well. Because of kids we chose to start at the Midwick drive trail which […]