We Went Rappelling Down Waterfalls in Maui

We’ve been regular visitors to Maui for years, and usually do all the same things: We go beach-hopping, watch a luau, shop, take a snorkel cruise, and hang out at the resort. This year, we decided to do something totally different and see the Hana side of the island. We drove down the Road to […]

Aloha from Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii

I live at Twin Falls. Most tour books don’t tell you that in order to access Twin Falls you need to pass through private property. Please show respect towards the residents by keeping the noise volume at a minimum. We allow free passage to our treasured falls so all can enjoy. Aloha.

Return to Maui Itinerary – February 22, 2007 to February 26, 2007

This itinerary of our return visit to Maui took advantage of a couple of things. First, a friend of ours let us use her timeshare in Ka’anapali, which helped alleviate some of the accommodation costs (not cheap in Maui or in the Hawaiian Islands in general)…

“Almost on the Wrong End of a Flash Flood” (Hana Highway – February 24, 2007)

This time however, the submerged rocks weren’t visible. I thought this was kind of strange and it immediately became apparent to me that the wide stream had risen…