Moonbows [Lower Falls in Rochester]

It was during a visit to Cumberland Falls in 1990 when I first read about moonbows. I also learned that the Lower Falls in Rochester, NY where I live is another place were moonbows can be viewed. The Genesee River does not consistently produce enough mist to produce rainbows or moonbows. The water level is […]

Lower Falls Rainbow

I wanted to share another picture–this time from above the falls. 0 Comments*Enter your name*2 characters minimum.Do not change these fields following 6 + 4 =

Lower Falls in Rochester

This is one of my favorite waterfalls mostly because I can visit often. Sometimes I stop by on my lunch break. When the river is running high, there is considerable spray from the falls. In the winter this produces a localized ice storm. When there is sunshine, there are vivid rainbows. When the river is […]

Our Western New York Itinerary – June 12, 2007 to June 19, 2007

This itinerary was actually part of a more grand month-long trip to Iceland.  We made a detour to Western New York and spent nearly a week self-driving around the Finger Lakes area using Buffalo…

“Picking Waterfalls at the Finger Lakes” (Upstate New York – June 15, 2007 to June 18, 2007)

I felt strange carrying around a tripod and DSLR camera in hiking clothes in the urban jungle, but my mind left this awkwardness when we saw the impressive…