Cirque du fer á Cheval (Haute Savoie France) Part 2

At one end of the Cirque du fer á Cheval in the shadow of the Tenneverge Peak (2985 m) is a jagged outcrop known because of its shape as the Corne du Chamois (Horns of the Chamois). There are two waterfalls here that are worth mentioning. The Cascade de la Pierrette also called the Fontaine […]

Cirque du Fer à Cheval (Haute Savoie France) Part 1

The Cirque du Fer à Cheval is a huge limestone amphitheatre 4 to 5 km in width, with cliffs of 500 to 700 m in height. It is the largest alpine mountain cirque and twin of the Pyrenean Gavarnie. During the spring more than thirty waterfalls can be seen eleven of which flow all year. […]