Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls List consists of the favorites that we’ve personally visited in our own backyard. It’s sure to change as we continue to collect more falls.

beautiful, but dangerous (Big Falls)

The falls themselves are beautiful, but too many people visit it now and there are often over 1000 visitors in a weekend. According to locals in Forest Falls, there is a rescue almost every day now – sometimes more. We saw tons of trash on the trail and lots of graffiti. Yuck. Past the railing […]

“Fleeting Windows” (Angelus Oaks, CA and Forest Falls, CA – March 7, 2015)

I even overheard someone conversing amongst his own family saying something to the effect like “that’s why we come here; to get away from the craziness down there…” I couldn’t have said it better…

something local (Forest Falls)

my boyfriend and i were looking for a place to enjoy nature. weve been all over the area but never forest falls. we tried it and climbed all the way up with our little maltese, she was a fighter, till we could not climb anymore. it was a very pleasant view looking from the bottom […]

Forest Falls more than just Big Falls

There is a lot of unknown in the valley of the falls. First, when you turn off the hwy is the Monkey Face Falls with the profile rock of a monkey head. The falls is normally a trickle except for heavy rains and snow melt. The best part of Big Falls is going past the […]

“Against Instincts” (Forest Falls, CA – August 8, 2010)

Mom had already scrambled up the stream and around the corner. Julie had suggested that I follow her and either take photos of her or see what else it was…

Forest Falls , CA

We took a long hike up to Forest Falls yesterday for the first time and loved it ! The falls are flowing well and the stream below is low enough to cross to see it. Be prepared to get wet ! 0 Comments*Enter your name*2 characters minimum.Do not change these fields following