Thunder Creek Falls

Thunder Creek Falls was one of the more well-known waterfalls in the Haast River Valley section of Mt Aspiring National Park. Julie and I sensed it was popular because both times we made a visit…

Depot Creek Falls

Depot Creek Falls was a rather obscure and somewhat hidden cascade since it didn’t have any signs for it (unlike the other waterfalls we encountered in the Haast River Valley and Haast Pass vicinity..

Roaring Billy Falls

Roaring Billy Falls was a fragmented waterfall that Julie and I didn’t expect to visit during our November 2004 trip to New Zealand as we hadn’t run across any literature about it prior to that trip..

Fantail Falls

Fantail Falls was the second of two pretty well-known waterfalls we encountered in the vicinity of Haast Pass as we were motoring through Mt Aspiring National Park between Queenstown and Glacier…