Waimoku Falls

Situated at the head of Oheo Gulch, the 400ft Waimoku Falls dwarfs hikers who have made it to the end of the Pipiwai Trail. It’s probably the tallest falls on Maui that you can see without a chopper..

Makahiku Falls

The 184ft Makahiku Falls is one of the more impressive waterfalls along the Pipiwai Trail in Ohe’o Gulch. Making it even more alluring is the swimming pool at the top of the falls.

Other Oheo Gulch Waterfalls

Oheo Gulch has several smaller or unnamed waterfalls that you can see or hear while hiking the Pipiwai Trail. This page captures some of these lesser known ones you might notice during your hike.

Pools of Oheo

The Pools of Oheo is the name given to the series of picturesque waterfalls and swimming holes not far from the Oheo Gulch car park. You’re bound to see many people frolicking in its waters…